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Cyber Tipline

2010 Girl 2 Girl Conference

This past Sunday, Erica, Emily and I had the opportunity of giving a workshop presentation on Staying Safe in Cyberspace, at the 2010 Annual Girl 2 Girl Conference at Simmons College. This is an amazing event that includes many interesting workshops for young women which are organized…

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Addicted to Facebook

For many of us, social networking has become a part of our daily routine. We wake up with Facebook, we have lunch with Facebook, and we go to bed with Facebook. Checking our Facebook accounts has become one our daily necessities, for not only my…

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Say It To Our Facebook!

Despite all the bad things you hear about Myspace and Facebook they can actually be pretty useful. Honestly, who doesn’t have a Myspace page? Or, a Facebook page then, since that’s the new trend. Most organizations create Myspace and Facebook profiles to spread their information. The…