Ready, Set, Vote!

VoteFor our American readers, if you are 18 or over by Nov 4th this year, you’ll be able to vote.  Maybe even for the first time!

You might think: there are so many millions of people voting, my vote doesn’t really matter.  But it definitely does.  In the USA, each state’s votes are added up to decide which candidate will be supported by that particular state.

So, any given state’s vote can be decided by just a few hundred voters, including you!

Here’s how you can get yourself set to vote:

First, if you are not registered to vote, you need to register ASAP – this week! Registering just means filling out a very short form on-line, with your name, address, and a little bit of other info (you need to be a US citizen to register). Rock the Vote has the form for you, online. You fill it out, and they’ll email it to you.  Then you print it, fold it (with the address showing), put a stamp on it, and mail it. Done!

Second, if you’re already registered, but right now you’re at a different address – like if you’re away at college, you can vote by “absentee” ballotHere’s a website where you can do that. Click on your state to get started.

Once you’re registered, you can find out where your actual voting place (also called a “polling” place) is going to beUse this web site to get the address. Usually it’ll be at a school or other public building, somewhere close by in your neighborhood – walking distance.

On election day, Tuesday November 4th, dont’ be shy! Stop off at your voting place anytime throughout the day. Most polling places are open from morning till evening.  When you get there, someone will check that your name is on the list of registered voters.  Then they’ll show you a booth with a curtain or a divider, where you’ll have privacy to make your vote. No one has to see or know who you voted for.  It’s private!  When you’re done voting, someone else will check your name and mark a list that shows you’ve finished voting.  That’s all there is to it!

I always feel proud and happy when I vote, because, even though our government is so big and complicated, I know that voting is one thing I can do to add my voice and my opinion. Every single vote matters.

See you out there on election day!

– Freedom