Chillin’ Out at the Beach, Part 1

StarfishWith summer’s sweet arrival comes a new, vast array of entertainment options. When all your schoolwork comes to a glorious halt, one ultimate relaxation destination will trump all the others: the beach. Beautifully sunny, sandy, and soothing, there’s no better summer spot whether you have a chill day with the parents or a rowdy afternoon with a large group of friends. Utilize what the beach has to offer, but also remember to be safe.

Sunscreen Is Your Friend

People often shun sunscreen because they believe coming back from the beach as bronze as a Roman statue is a good thing. While the joy of looking like a potato pancake my last for a day or two, the long-term damage simply isn’t worth the risk. Your parents probably warn you to the extent that you might reject putting on sunscreen just to spite them, but consider the risk you are taking. Not wearing sunscreen increases your chances of getting skin cancer. This may sound like a scare tactic, but it’s not a ploy. Use the lotion, protect yourself, and enjoy your days over and over again. Take a look at our sun safety guide to learn more about how to keep your skin safe from sun exposure, and the quickest and safest way to treat sunburn.

Lifeguards: The More the Merrier
We’re all about maximizing enjoyment while staying safe. So how do you do this? Splash around in the water. Hop on a boogy board and snorkel away. Just make sure you do it while a lifeguard is in sight. You never know when something can go wrong, so why risk it? Believe it or not, the lifeguards want you to have a good time too, so when you’re searching for the perfect place to put down your towels, do it relatively close to the life guard tower.

-Gabi P. Remz, YMH Summer Writing Intern