“Haul” Videos

haul videosEveryone has their own opinion on styles of clothing and what they like. Personally, I feel like you should always stay true to yourself and have enough personality to choose what you like. Retail stores have recently launched a new marketing strategy to promote their products. This new tactic, referred to as “haul videos” consists of teen girls making videos of themselves showing off clothing and accessories from specific stores, and putting them on YouTube. The purpose of these videos is to increase the store’s sales.

I feel you shouldn’t be influenced by “haul” videos.” I think you should be able to go to a store, and see and buy what you like instead of watching videos of other people’s preferences in clothing. I watched a couple of these videos and heard girls say “I got this and I got that” and yes they did “get” it. But, did they pay for it? I read an article which said that retail stores pay these girls or give them free clothing as incentives to make these videos.

These girls are essentially paid to say that they like these things. So, do they really like them? Maybe, but there is also the possibility that they don’t and they’re just doing it for the free stuff. I mean honestly, if a store offers me a $250 gift card to say that I love a shirt (even if I think it’s really ugly), I would definitely do it. Wouldn’t you?

On another note, why watch a really long video on something that someone else bought instead of using those 10 minutes to browse your favorite store and pick what YOU like. Honestly, these videos are NOT made to help you. They are made to help the retail stores sell their products. This marketing tool seems effective because if someone your own age tells you that this is the new trend and it looks good, you’re more likely to purchase it than if you just saw it in a magazine. I don’t follow every trend – especially if I don’t like it – which is why I’d rather shop online and pick things based on my preferences and not because someone else thinks it’s hot.

But like I said before, everyone has their own opinion and their own way of choosing their fashion style. However, I think that “haul videos” are dumb. The girls brag about all the “nice” things they got. Most of the stuff they said was cute I found to be hideous and I think that’s why the retail stores gave them the item to sell. But that’s just my opinion. Remember, that these girls are getting money, gift cards, and other incentives to promote these products. The stores are looking to sell their product – not to help you find what you want. So think twice before you believe what the teens in the “haul videos” say – they’re getting paid.

Watch a “haul” video here, and see for yourself.