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Shopping Therapy

An average American typically spends about $1,600 on  clothing  annually. This does not include gifts or other items that we impulsively buy. There is something  most of us love about shopping whether we are searching  for a gift for a friend’s birthday, a  secret Santa…


Shopping Addiction

You love to shop, but how do you know if your addiction is getting a little out of hand? Are the numbers in your bank account dropping precipitously? Relax; here are a few tips on how to get the best deals and save money too!…

American Dollar

Dollar, dollar bill, y’all

I’ve recently found a new love for finance and how the world works in my macroeconomics class this year. Economics is a mixture of both history and math, and analyzes the intake and outtake of “goods”. For anyone in high school and college, I would…

Credit Card Debt

Credit Cards & Personal Debt

I remember how excited I was when I turned 18 and got offered my first credit card. My family always told me to not get one because they thought I was too young to have debt. I didn’t listen. I ignored their advice because I…

haul videos

“Haul” Videos

Everyone has their own opinion on styles of clothing and what they like. Personally, I feel like you should always stay true to yourself and have enough personality to choose what you like. Retail stores have recently launched a new marketing strategy to promote their products….