Alcoholic Whipped Cream?

Alcoholic Whipped CreamThat’s right, you’ve heard correctly; alcoholic whipped cream is now available on the market. “Whipped Lightning” is reportedly the most alcoholic “whipahol”, coming in at about 18% alcohol per volume, and is available in a variety of flavors. “Cream” is slightly less alcoholic at 15% alcohol, and is also available in flavors ranging from vanilla or chocolate to raspberry and cherry.

The introduction of these products has caused a media frenzy, calling the alcoholic whipped cream the second coming of the recently scrutinized drink Four Loko. If you ask me, the idea of alcoholic whipped cream is crazy! Whipped Lightning is advertized as a tasty topping that can “dress up any drink”, and “Cream” offers “whipped cream with grown up benefits”.

With a sleek black background and photos of scantily clad young women, could be mistaken for the website of a nightclub. Although it requires you to enter your date of birth (to make sure that you are legal) before accessing the site, there’s no way to tell if someone is lying about their age. The site offers links to Facebook and Twitter pages, and you can even “join the cream team” and receive mobile updates. Think about it. Who are these companies marketing their products to?

Aside from the marketing, adding a highly alcoholic topping to an already alcoholic drink leads to the possibility of extreme over-indulgence, which can have a negative outcome. Right now, Whipped Lightning is only available in about 10 states, but I wouldn’t be surprised if alcoholic whipped cream quickly joins Four Loko on ban lists throughout the country.