You’re Cut Off

You're Cut OffHey everyone, it’s Kayla. Recently I was flipping through channels and came upon a show on VH1 called “You’re Cut Off”. This show is about spoiled young ladies that have everything handed to them without having to work for it. The participants were tricked into believing that they’re on a reality show because they have the most expensive clothes (among other things). In reality, their loved ones nominated them to be on the show to teach them a lesson. The purpose of the show is to help educate the contestants about the importance of life values, the meaning behind having a real job, and teach them how to spend wisely and not wastefully.

The young ladies on the show are given tips and are tested on their ability to change and let go of their extravagant ways. As I watched the program, I thought that it was going to be extremely hard for them to change because they’re used to depending on their parents and having everything done for them. It’s surprises me that their loved ones had to go to such extreme measures to make them realize just how spoiled they are.

The experience on the show serves as a chance for the girls to see how it feels to be responsible and develop a work ethic as opposed to having things just handed to them. Each participant is faced with a task every week and those who fail to complete it risk being “cut off”. Therefore, each girl tries to do their best to impress their family members and their life coach.

I believe that the experience on this show may positively affect some of these young ladies. However, some of the participants may refuse to give up their excessive lifestyles, and I think this is because you can’t change the way someone was brought up, and because some of their family members will still accept them, no matter how ridiculous their behavior is. I still think it’s a good show to watch because it helps you see the effect that money has on people’s personalities and characters.