Making Healthy Sexual Decisions

KissingSex; it’s everywhere. You see it on TV, through advertising, and you hear about it through song lyrics. It might seem like everyone is doing it, but it’s not the case. As a teen, it’s completely normal to think about sex, have sexual feelings, and a desire to learn more about your own body, but deciding to have a sexual relationship is an important decision, because it involves both your body and your emotions. Before you decide to become sexually active, you should think things through and make sure that both you and your partner are ready.

As a young woman, you might feel pressure to have sex in order to sustain a relationship. This is not a good reason to have sex. You shouldn’t feel pressured by anyone or anything, and your decision to have sex should only be made when you feel ready emotionally and physically, and when you have a partner you can trust and communicate with. In fact, both you and your partner should feel comfortable talking to each other about everything, including why you want to have sex, what’s going to happen afterwards, STD and pregnancy prevention methods, and your past sexual history.

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