A Guys’ Guide to Dealing With a Breakup

BreakupGentlemen, even the most fiery and passionate of relationships don’t always last. No matter how much you love someone, it’s possible that you won’t be with them forever. It’s also possible that they will break up with you. We all know how difficult it is to go through a break up, especially if you find out your getting dumped when your significant other changes his or her Facebook status from “In a relationship” to “Single”. There are tons of reasons why couples break up, but no matter who’s at fault, both of you are in the situation together, and both of you must take some responsibility for the end of the relationship.

Guys, the first hours and days following your breakup are the worst. Some of you may be confused, sad, unmotivated, or distracted. Others may be angry, frustrated, or hurt. No matter how you feel about the break up, you have to remember that what happened, happened. Don’t stress yourself out over aspects of life you can’t control. Accept the things you can’t change.

Here are a few tips on how to take care of yourself after a break up:

  • Give him/her space!

After an emotional break up, the last thing you want is to open up old wounds and burn a bridge with your ex. Give him or her some time to collect their thoughts and settle down. Take this time to calm down as well, and think carefully about what happened. Don’t talk to your ex until you’re ready; rushing into a conversation can go drastically wrong and upset both of you.

  • Be Healthy!

Many times during (and after) a break up there’s an impulse to self-destruct. This can range from pigging out on ice cream every night, to using alcohol or drugs. Unhealthy habits will just lead to unhealthy thinking, and vice versa. Instead of sulking on the couch, get some exercise! Vigorous physical activities such as running, participating in sports, or weight lifting can release chemicals in your brain that help you to feel better. Participating in activities along with eating well and refraining from drug or alcohol use can ease your mind and keep you from breaking down.

  • Always look on the bright side of life!

Staying positive is very difficult during emotionally challenging times. You may feel like nothing is going right or that life sucks. Focus on the little things in your everyday life that make you smile; the clever joke your friend tells you that makes you laugh until your sides ache, the delicious dinner you had at home, or even the first time you can plop down on the couch after a day at school. Enjoying the simple pleasures can do wonders for your health. Instead of obsessing over your ex and being miserable, focus on your own life and laugh along with all the good moments your have during the day.