K’s Corner: Where Are You Planning To Go To College?

K's CornerI remember what it was like to be in high school. Every family reunion I went to it seemed like I was asked the same exact question: “Where are you planning to go to college?” Sophomore year, the thought hadn’t even crossed my mind! I’d just made it to high school and they wanted me to think about college? Junior year was when the topic of college was always present. Thinking back, I’m so glad I had so many people who were genuinely curious about where I wanted to go and so many of them who wanted to help me through the process.

I started wondering where I would fit in (if anywhere), but let me tell you, there’s a school for everyone. There are small colleges, huge universities, schools in the heart of the city, and schools in the middle of nowhere. Whatever you prefer, there’s an option. I love to make lists, so I made one for things to consider when I decided to apply to schools.

  • Location (state, town, city/rural) and distance from home
  • Tuition cost
  • Student body
  • Religious affiliations
  • Academic programs offered
  • Size of the school
  • Sports offered
  • Housing offered (live at home, on campus, or somewhere else)

All of these factors play a part in any college experience. Making a list and categorizing these things (and anything else you can think of) by importance will help in the decision making process.