Smoking Alcohol… Seriously?

Smoking Alcohol There seems to a new trend happening on college campuses that teens are also experimenting with. It’s called “Smoking Alcohol”. When I first heard about this I was so confused; how can you smoke alcohol? I read more about it, and supposedly the way you smoke alcohol is to combine dry ice and and a type of liquor. It instantly creates a smoke, which users inhale. Personally I find it incredible how people find new and more dangerous ways to get high. Methods like sniffing bath salts or smoking alcohol have very dangerous affects to the brain. Seriously, why would anyone want to risk getting permanent brain damage?

Research has also shown that smoking alcohol can be compared to binge drinking – but the effects are immediate. It basically gets all the alcohol containing fumes and other chemicals to your brain quicker, so you get a faster high (and probably a lot stronger high, too).

Honestly, I feel like this new way of getting high poses a bigger question. Why are more and more young people trying to find new ways to get high? I mean, it wasn’t a responsible adult who came up with this idea; it was probably someone in their early twenties who just wanted to get attention on YouTube. I can’t help but wonder what it is about our society today that’s influencing these behaviors? Is it the media, peer pressure, or something else? There are so many different factors that might play a role in someone’s decision. It just brings up an even bigger question; what can we do to increase awareness about the dangers involved without raising curiosity to try it?