Your Text Can Wait

PLS DNT TXT + DRIVEDid you know that teenagers like us spend about 60 minutes a day on our cellphones? Yeah I know that’s a whole lot of texting, checking our Facebook page and other social media we use. But when is it the right time to put our precious device down? When we’re driving!

Texting and driving is very dangerous and can put your life and somebody else’s life at risk. It doesn’t matter if the person is next to you or in the other car. Many teenagers don’t realize the consequences that come with texting and driving. The pain that can result from a texting and driving accident is a horrible feeling that no one wants to experience.

Did you know that texting while driving is banned in 44 states? If the police catch a teen texting or using their mobile device while on the road, their 1st offense is $100.00 and 60 days without a license. The 2nd offense is $250.00 and 180 days without a license. The 3rd offense will cost the driver $500.00 dollars in fees and they will lose their license for 1 year!  Now who wants to pay all of that money and not be able to drive their car? No one! So here are a few tips to keep your phone out of your hands while driving!

  • Tell the person you’re texting or calling that you’re about to hit the road and that you’ll talk to them as soon as you reach your destination.
  • Turn your phone off or place it on vibrate.
  • Put your phone in your bag or purse and keep it there until you get to where you’re headed.

Stay safe,