Learning to Feel Through Yoga

Entering my senior year of high school, I had the suspicion that my year would be extremely stressful and hectic. Long days full of classes, homework, practice, college applications, and struggling to manage my endometriosis. Naturally, I sought out healthy ways to cope with the stress and physical pain. I decided to try going to evening yoga classes, as I had heard many people rave about the positive effects they felt after practicing this meditative exercise.

I started attending biweekly, low-key Vinyasa style yoga classes, and quickly started to understand why many people credit yoga to keeping them healthy. Not only did I feel improved strength in muscles all throughout my body, I also left every class with improved mental clarity and a feeling of control over my body. As I concentrated on my breathing and poses in class, I was able to push out external thoughts that were stressing me out. As we moved through different poses that worked specific muscle groups, and I began to gain an understanding of the varying sensations I could feel throughout my body (weakness, exhaustion, strength, and pain).

As I released from the final flow pose as the end of each class, my body felt completely relaxed as the tension released from my muscles. I was able to return to the rest of my life with a calmer and more open mindset. It also helped me differentiate my endometriosis pain from other discomfort I was experiencing in my body as a result of soreness from sports.

Yoga didn’t necessarily improve my endometriosis symptoms, but it improved my ability to feel and understand my body. As I became less overwhelmed and stressed, I was able to take everything in my life in stride and coping became easier. I would definitely recommend yoga to anyone and everyone who feels they could use rejuvenation.