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From Putrid to Proud

The Charles River has been a popular tourist spot in Boston for years, decades, even centuries. But for most of its existence after Boston’s founding, the Charles River has been dangerous and polluted. Even after a large movement to clean the river helped clear out…

A More Sustainable Future

Living in the city makes me feel almost removed and oblivious to what is happening to the environment around me. Although urban areas are the cause of most pollutants, it’s ironic how out of touch we are to the effects we have on the environment….

Where Does Your Food Come from?

Have you ever thought about where your food comes from? Most of us likely buy our food from a local grocery store, but have you ever thought about where food such as strawberries or bananas are actually grown? Or how far the salmon behind the…


Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

On Saturday, I travelled from Boston to Virginia by car for a family vacation. Some of the things that made the nine hour drive better were the air conditioner and lots and lots of water. At one point while stuck in traffic in Maryland, I started to…