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It’s Beginning To Feel a Lot Like…?

So, is it just me, or does it not quite feel like the holiday season? Last week, I was talking to some of my friends and family about what the holidays mean to us. Many of us didn’t have a straight answer. Some people let stress around this…


Papers and Grades and Office Hours, Oh My!

Okay. So college is tough. People that are used to getting A’s and B’s in high school need to go to college with the mindset that it might not be so easy to get good grades in college. You need to make sure that you…

Worried Teen

Teens In a Recession

OK, so you’ve been hearing about the economy non-stop lately. You’ve probably heard your parents talking about it, maybe your teachers too. Some of it may sound unrelated to you, like banks closing, or the car industry having problems.  But some of it might hit…