Sugary Drinks & PCOS

PCOS BlogWait. Stop. How many teaspoons of sugar did I just drink?

Sunday is coffee day for me. Every Sunday, I try a new type of plain old coffee (black, with no room for milk). I’ve been on a search for the best cup of coffee. However, this past Sunday, I forgot about my search and wound up at Starbucks. I could have ordered a regular coffee, but before I knew it I was gulping down a Grande Vanilla Latte. 

I’m a nutritionist, but I admit I have a sweet tooth. I know I should steer clear of super sugary drinks. When you have a sugary drink, your blood sugar shoots up (aka, no good for PCOS)… followed by an even faster crash. Drinking sugar never really satisfies your hunger (in the way that food would) and can leave you feeling hungrier and craving more sugar. Even though I know this, I was temporarily susceptible to power of sugar. 

Starbucks Grande Vanilla Latte Nutrition FactsAfter stepping back and evaluating what I just drank, I remembered why it’s best to avoid these sugary coffee drinks. So, check this out. See the nutrition facts label? My Starbucks Grande Vanilla Latte contained 34 grams of sugar. What does that mean really mean? Well, it means I drank 8 teaspoons of sugar! YIKES. No one needs this much added sugar… especially someone with PCOS. To help keep your weight, blood sugar, and insulin levels healthy, avoid (or at least limit) drinks that are loaded with sugar.

Well, I learned my lesson. I’ll be back to my regular coffee (black, no room for milk) next Sunday. Learn from me. Avoid sugar-loaded drinks!

-Nutritionist Orianna