Graduation – In or Out?

Cap and GownI was on a social media site the other day when an ad popped up on my computer screen. It wasn’t really advertising a product, it was asking an interesting question: would you rather have your graduation indoors or outdoors? Even though I’m a high school graduate this year, I never really thought about the setting of graduation. The location of graduation can actually play a huge part in how the event turns out and how memorable it becomes.

I must admit, hosting a graduation outside can be pretty wonderful if it’s in a nice spot. Nature is so beautiful! I’ve seen pictures of graduations in football fields, parks, and near bodies of water. The blooming plants and vibrant colors of the outdoors add to the beauty, making the scene look picture perfect. There’s no need for excessive decorations because nature creates its own.

Unfortunately, there’s one big factor to consider when thinking about planning an outdoor graduation: the weather. Bad weather can sometimes be unpredictable; it can rain, snow, be dangerously windy, and the list goes on. Even though bad weather can’t stop any happy grad from receiving his/her diploma, it can sure rain on their parade.

Indoor graduation opens the door for endless possibilities; just think of all the buildings that exist! Although most schools end up having their graduation in a school or university’s campus, there have been graduations in arenas, theaters, and historic sites. Acoustics are great indoors, which makes it better to hear all the cheering from your family and friends when you receive your diploma. Most indoor venues have seating as well. Personally, I prefer an indoor graduation rather than an outside one, but the attraction and the setting that the outdoors offers is hard to beat. Where did you have your graduation: inside or out?