The Minion Take-Over


By now, you’ve probably seen your fair share of Minions. You know, those little, yellow creatures from the movie, “Despicable  Me?” Since their big-screen debut, surely it was a matter of time before the fashion world embraced these darling-little-subservient beings.

Quite literally, now, it seems like nothing is safe from being Minion-ized—not even the world of couture. The red carpet has gotten a little brighter with Minion shoes, shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, hats, and of course the glasses. Picking a Halloween outfit this year may have just gotten a little easier.

But there’s one place you probably never guessed would be Minionized: a menstrual pad.

That’s right. Stuart, Kevin, Bob, and the gang can be found decorated on a set of maxi pads. Your period will never be the same.

Wearing a decorated cloth menstrual pad may seem a little counterintuitive, unlike a band aid, it’s not like anyone is going to see it.  But there must be some added benefits for cloth menstrual pads vs. disposable menstrual pads, right?

I know what you may be thinking:

So what is the draw and why might consumers buy Minion decorated cloth menstrual pads?

It’s not just about the cute characters that adorn the pads. If you are a Minion fan and equally concerned about the environment, you will appreciate the fact that these pads are reusable. Unlike their disposable counterpart (throw-away pads), cotton pads do not harm the environment. Many women prefer cotton pads and claim they are softer against the skin and prevent chaffing, which is sometimes caused from disposable menstrual products.

The best thing about these Minion or other creative, personalized reusable pads is that periods do not have to be a dull, dreary time of the month when the boring-old-white pads come out. It can be fun, imaginative, fashion-forward, and suited for your comfort. There are plenty of different menstrual products you can experiment with to find which product is the most comfortable or is perfect for your activity/endurance level. The best period product is the one you feel most happy using whether they are covered with Minions, or not.

Learn more about Period Products at the Center for Young Women’s Health.