Spring cleaning has been a tradition for a long time now. But with today’s modern amenities, we tend to neglect to cleanliness of our technology. Sometimes it seems our phones are used more than some rooms in our houses, which means they require just as much upkeep. So while you’re spring cleaning your rooms this year, it might be worthwhile to organize your tech as well.

  • Delete any unwanted photos (random screenshots, accidental pictures, replicates)
  • Delete unnecessary apps (anything not used for 3 months or more)
  • Delete old text conversations
  • Clean out recent calls, voicemails
  • Try out a new home screen
  • Update your apps
  • Delete any old, unwanted contacts
  • Check your phone storage, see what’s using the most space, do you need it?

Another important part of our lives is how we use our phones, specifically social media. It’s easy to get swept up into trends that lose their splendor or jokes that aren’t funny anymore, follow accounts your just scroll past or “friends” you barely know.  Doing a checkup on what you’re following every year can help you be aware of your environment, and those you surround yourself with.

Social Media

  • Check what accounts you follow
  • Do they project an image of yourself you want to project?
  • Do you know all the people you follow?
  • Do you still like the content of the accounts you follow?