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Pause Before You Post… Think Before You Tweet

Do you know anyone who posted private information about a friend or girlfriend/boyfriend online? Have you ever posted something and then regretted it, or deleted it? Sharing information online, whether on Facebook, Twitter, or another social networking site is something you should really think about…

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Can We Just Go Back to AIM?

Social networking used to be so simple but oh, how things change. I remember when I had AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) and my friends and I basically chatted on a daily basis. Of course, you could always add people you didn’t really know (by finding…

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Sharing Your Password Doesn’t = Love or Trust

I just read an article in The New York Times called Young, in Love and Sharing Everything, Including a Password. The author wrote about how many people – both couples and friends – share their password to prove their love and/or trust for one another. He…

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Exploring Pinterest

So, I don’t know about you guys, but my friends just told me about this  website called Pinterest. Pinterest is a site where you get to create your own personal bulletin board – or “pinboard” based on your different interests. Some of the interests include…

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The Latest Facebook Virus

Have you noticed the latest disturbing spam on Facebook? I have. Nude photos have been popping up on people’s Facebook pages. Apparently it’s some sort of virus, but it’s pretty outrageous that pornographic photos can end up on your newsfeed like this.

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The New Information Gatekeepers

For those of you that have a Facebook account; have you noticed that even though you have 200+ friends, the same 10-15 people keep showing up on your newsfeed? I have. Does it seem like your newsfeed is being filtered? Well, it is.

Texting & Dating

Texting & Dating

So many things in our world are changing due to technological advancements. Paper mail has now become a novelty – a hobby for some. Even books are digital now! As far as advancements that have changed the way people communicate, cell phones certainly stand out….

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“Haul” Videos

Everyone has their own opinion on styles of clothing and what they like. Personally, I feel like you should always stay true to yourself and have enough personality to choose what you like. Retail stores have recently launched a new marketing strategy to promote their products….

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Addicted to Facebook

For many of us, social networking has become a part of our daily routine. We wake up with Facebook, we have lunch with Facebook, and we go to bed with Facebook. Checking our Facebook accounts has become one our daily necessities, for not only my…