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NYC Skyline

Remembering 9/11

Can you believe that 8 years have gone by since 9/11? I remember it like it was yesterday. I was only in fifth grade when I was called to the office for early dismissal. Of course I was surprised, because I hadn’t been in school…


Frowns, Cries, Tears – a poem

Frowns, cries, tears Memories that can’t be erased with the years Hearts with scars that can never be healed because a persons lips are forever sealed The frowns of friends cries of mothers tears of sisters and brothers All of which have scars scars that…

Worried Teen

Teens In a Recession

OK, so you’ve been hearing about the economy non-stop lately. You’ve probably heard your parents talking about it, maybe your teachers too. Some of it may sound unrelated to you, like banks closing, or the car industry having problems.  But some of it might hit…