If you sprinkle when you tinkle…

Old FaithfulWe all know no one likes using public toilets. We’d rather use our own bathrooms in the comfort of our own homes for various reasons – cleanliness, peace of mind, etc. However, despite the fact that public toilets see tons more traffic than personal ones, it doesn’t mean they have to be disgusting! So I have one thing to say to my fellow males in this world; if it’s your mess, clean it up!

Many guys (especially when the urinals are crowded) use the toilets in public bathrooms to take care of #1. This is fine, there’s more privacy – I do it all the time. But seriously guys, it really isn’t that hard to hit the target. Barring blindness or physical handicap, we all should be able to aim for something the size of a soccer ball without much of a problem. Even with the seat down, we all should still be able to perform this amazing feat of marksmanship. Unfortunately, we all know that’s not always the case. I went into a bathroom yesterday, and to my amazement found 3 stalls completely destroyed. It was as if everyone who had just been in there simultaneously left me a reminder to clean up after them!

I understand accidents happen. Conducting a symphony while peeing, aliens attacking, rabid dogs trying to break into your stall while you’re taking care of business – all these things can shake a guys’ focus, so I’m sure a few drops may go astray. But not to clean up after yourself is completely ridiculous, rude, inconsiderate, disgusting, and just…crazy! Would you clean up a public toilet after someone else? Absolutely not! So don’t leave your mess for some other poor soul to come and have to deal with later.

What if you really had to use the toilet for #2 and the toilet seat looked like “Old Faithful” had just exploded? Not cool. So guys, seriously, if you know it’s yours, clean it up! You wouldn’t leave that at home for your girlfriend or your mother to find, so don’t leave it for the next guy to deal with.