Supplement Scams

Dietary SupplementsI’m taking a nutrition class this semester and I’ve learned many things – some more interesting than others. I already knew that supplements (protein bars/shakes, weight loss products, etc.) were popular, but I didn’t really know much information about them. Did you know that the popularity of certain types of supplements varies between different ages, genders, etc.? For instance, I hear many guys talk about protein supplements and other products that are supposed to make them stronger, while girls often buy supplements to lose weight. However, most supplements don’t work.

My professor told us that most growth and strengthening supplements do not actually work. I thought that was interesting, because these products are really expensive and the ads sound so convincing. Tons of people invest in these products and take them continuously, which is sad because it’s a scam. They either don’t get the results they’re looking for, or if they do, it’s probably not because of the supplement itself.

Guys who take protein probably also go to the gym, which is how they build more muscle. If they don’t go to the gym, though, the excess protein can actually get stored as fat. Girls who are on weight loss pills probably change their eating and exercise habits, as well. They lose weight as a result, but not because of the pills. Diet pills may also cause temporary loss of water weight, but this doesn’t last. In both scenarios, they would probably be getting the same results without the supplements.

This is not to say that all supplements are bad or that you shouldn’t take any. There are some supplements that are both useful and safe such as folic acid supplements for pregnant women, vitamin D and calcium supplements, and that sort of thing. For the most part, supplements that promise weight loss and stronger and bigger muscles are probably not that effective. Don’t throw your money away. There’s no such thing as a quick fix supplement. If you want to gain muscles or lose weight, work out and eat right!