5 Easy Tips for the Holiday Traveler with PCOS

PCOS BlogIt’s certainly frustrating to have to deal with delayed flights or traffic over the holidays but eating PCOS friendly meals and snacks can also be challenging. Below are 5 ideas to help you stay on track and balance a PCOS healthy diet with exercise while on the road or in the air.

  1. Consider giving your family a heads up about the PCOS friendly foods that you prefer to eat and/or offer to bring a PCOS- friendly meal, snack or appetizer such as a veggie platter to the holiday event.
  2. Before traveling, remember to pack healthy snacks such as fruit and a single serving of hummus with cut up veggies such as carrots and broccoli. You can take a cooler pack in an insulated lunch bag and pack a serving of lean meat such as rolled up turkey or chicken, or a hardboiled egg. (The airlines will allow you take a cold or freezer pack for medical reasons).
  3. Bring plenty of water with you if you are traveling by car. If you are flying, consider buying bottled water once you get through the security check point or ask for water on the flight.
  4. Remember to bring your medicine with you. It’s a good idea to pack your prescription medication first, so you don’t forget to. If you need to take any medicine while you are traveling, pack what you need and keep it in your purse not your suitcase, so you have easy access to it. Taking your medicine on time while you are traveling is essential and will prevent fluctuations of your blood sugar levels.
  5. Fit in exercise. Try and keep your exercise routine while you are away from home. If possible, exercise before you travel. If you plan on being in the car for more than an hour, consider stopping every couple of hours (in a safe area of course), to stretch. Family time can be well spent doing something active. Plan an activity that involves “moving” such as a family walk, tag, hide & seek, etc.

Safe travels,

Nurse Phaedra