Don’t let tests get you down!

empty-exam-hallTesting is right around the corner and I’m stressing out even though all of my teachers are trying their best to prepare us. I personally am not a testing kind of person. I prefer to do lots of classwork and homework rather than sit down and take a test. Testing has become a way to let the district know what the teachers taught and what we’ve been learning the past year. This year I will be taking the ELA and math Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment Test.  I am not a fan of math and the thought of taking the test is making me feel extremely nervous. That’s not the only thing I’m afraid of. The thought of failing the biggest test ever is just sitting in the back of my head as the weeks go by.  Keep reading…

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Understanding Gender

Tess“Congratulations on your pregnancy! What are you having?” is a common question pregnant women are asked, yet one whose answer may not ultimately be correct. Ultrasounds can show the physical markers of a certain sex, yet some children grow up identifying differently from the sex they are labeled as at birth. It is important right from the start that gender non-conforming individuals receive proper care, information, and support from their family, peers and health care team. The GeMS (gender management service) program, at Boston Children’s Hospital, works to provide their patients with all of these services. I recently sat down with Francie Mandel, a social worker and the Director of Mental Health Services in the GeMS program, to gain an understanding of their work. Keep reading…

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Being an Ally

Beautiful teenager girl worried and a boy comforting herBullying anyone is hurtful, especially if it makes the victim feel like no one cares. Some teens are particularly vulnerable to bullying. Did you know that LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) youth are twice as likely to be bullied or physically attacked as other groups of teens? Yet they are less likely to report this behavior to school authorities. As a result, bullies often continue to harass their victims without fear of punishment unless bystanders, who observe it, are willing to step forward and put a stop to it. Keep reading…

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Finding Time for Fitness

FitnessExercise is good for you – that’s a no brainer, right? But how can you fit it into your day when you’re already maxed out with school, activities and homework? Here’s how:

5 Ways for Teens to fit in 60 Minutes of Exercise per day:

1. Break up 60 minutes throughout the day
If you cannot manage to do a 60 minute workout, break it up into workouts of 15+ minutes. Keep reading…

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College: How Do I Get There?

collegeIt’s right there on the horizon, you know it’s coming and it’s scary. It’s college, this big scary concept which seems like no one truly understands. How do I apply? How do I pay for it? How will I know what college is right for me? It can be a bit overwhelming. Have no fear! It will all fall into place. Keep reading…

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Clothes to Cash

Need some extra money in your pockets? Don’t have time to get an extra job to earn some cash? Well a lot of people in my school have figured out a way to the extra money they were in need of. It all started around the beginning of the school year when a couple of my friends realized how expensive senior year was going to be. After coming to that realization, they decided to take steps to make some extra money on their own. Instead of letting unwanted clothes sit in their closet for years, they decided to sell them! By doing so, they made room in their closet for clothes they actually  do wear and they also earned extra money in the process! Keep reading…

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Opening Your College Letters – Part 2

High School GraduateWhat everyone hopes for is that they will be accepted to every single college they applied to, but many times that’s not what happens. It’s very likely that your growing pile of letters in the coming weeks and months will be filled with some “yes’s” and some “no’s.”

If you get a “no” remind yourself that you applied to more than one school for a reason. There is still a chance other schools will say “yes” and in the end those schools might be a better fit for you anyway! Keep reading…

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Waiting for that College Letter – Part 1

The mailbox. The old, rusty thing you’ve walked by on your way home from high school for the past four years. The thing you hardly ever paid attention to unless it was your birthday and your grandparent was known to send a card with some cash.

That is—until now. If you are one of the high school seniors who has sent in your college applications you may be checking that old box (or email inbox if the college is really high-tech) every day. You may even be thinking about it during class at school or at night when you are trying to fall asleep. If you are, you aren’t the only one. Keep reading…

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Stop Global Warming

Impacts_of_Global_WarmingWinter 2015 in Boston has been the worst winter I’ve ever experienced. I’ve missed about two weeks of school because of all the snow, which included two blizzards. My question is: Are we going through global warming? Or are we receiving some really bad karma? Well I believe that we are going through global warming. I don’t think that karma plays a role in how much snow has been hitting us. Keep reading…

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Seeds – A Healthy Super Snack

seedsYou may have heard that snacking on nuts is a healthy alternative to “junk” food such as potato chips or candy. Like nuts, seeds can be very beneficial to your health. They are rich in healthy unsaturated fats, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein, which make for a healthy addition to any meal. Making seeds a part of your daily diet may help to lower your risk of some health conditions such as heart disease, lung disease, and diabetes due to their high phytochemical content. Phytochemicals are chemical compounds found in plants that have been shown to have health benefits. Keep reading…

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