Planning for the Next Nine Months

Portrait of an attractive teenage boy and his friends hanging out at school

As summer comes to a close we are quickly approaching the days when we will be waking up to an alarm again. That’s right it’s that time of year. Back to school we go!
You may begin with going to the mall to buy a new outfit followed by picking up all the necessary materials to get you ready for your first day back. You think once you have all the “materials”, you’re ready for the school year. But wait-you’re forgetting a couple of things. Going back to school is more than just getting a new clothes, notebooks and pencils. It’s about preparing for the next 9 months. Keep reading…

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Social Media Inspires Young Girls to Join STEM

isis-wengerJust what does an engineer look like?

Many of you may picture an image of the female version of Steve Urkel.

But, we know that is far from the truth.

Women engineers are not nerdy, dorky ladies who have no life; they are strong female characters similar to the ones we read in comic books, such as wonder woman or superwoman. Keep reading…

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Saying Goodbye


Goodbyes are tough. Sometimes it’s tempting to skip them all together to avoid feeling uncomfortable. However, saying goodbye is important for moving on.

Right now you might be leaving friends at summer camp or a summer job. You and your family might be moving to a new town soon, leaving behind your neighbors and school friends. You might be leaving town for a whole other reason: college! There are many situations that can bring about a goodbye. Below are some ideas to make saying goodbye a bit easier. Keep reading…

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Coping With Racism

iStock_000033293566MediumIn another blog, I wrote about different kinds of racism. Here, I will describe some of the ways you might deal with a racist situation at your school or in your neighborhood. I strongly encourage you to talk with a trusted adult about these types of situations and about how you plan to respond.

There are many different ways to manage the situation when you encounter racism. These may vary depending on whether you are the target of the racist action or a bystander observing the incident. Keep reading…

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What ever happened to Sex Ed?

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver_ Sex EducationI was fortunate enough to have been raised and schooled in New York City, but I can’t recall once being taught about safe sex or how to use contraception. In my middle school, there were honors and non-honors classes. The kids in the honors classes were recommended to go to a talent class (art, chorus, or band) during their free period, while the non-honors kids had to go to a health class and possibly learn about sexual education. Even at the time, I thought this was incredibly unfair because the administration assumed that the honors kids were “smart” and either knew about safe sex or were not going to engage in sex at all. Keep reading…

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Finding a soul mate…for your boobs

bra-shoppingBra’s and boobs. Boobs and Bra’s. The confusing experience that is known as bra shopping. Whether you have small, medium, or large breasts, you will likely need to be fitted for a bra.

Every bra is a little different despite what the size may say, so trying them on is the best way to get the right fit. Otherwise, you might end up with a bra that is too tight, too big, uncomfortable, or just not supportive in all the right ways. It’s practically like dating and finding “the one.” You have to try on a bunch of them and then decide which ones go in the “I’ll keep it” or “back on the rack” pile. Keep reading…

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Food Surprises

grocery-cartWhen you hear the ingredients “sugar and wheat,” you might assume that the food being made is cookies, or maybe a cupcake but what about candy or salad dressing? Many of us would like to believe that we know what we are putting into our bodies when we eat, however the reality is many processed foods contain hidden ingredients. Here are some “food surprises” that may shock you, and encourage you to always read food labels. Your best resource for finding unwanted ingredients in foods is YOU! Keep reading…

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What you don’t know about dietary supplements

supplementsThey’re in the “health” area of the drugstore and grocery store and say vitamins and minerals so they must be good for you, right? Not always.

We are so used to trusting that the things we consume are safe because in the United States we have a great governmental organization called the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This organization enforces strict rules and regulations about food and drugs produced and distributed in the U.S. All food and drugs have to be up to certain standards in order to protect our health. Keep reading…

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Beyond Appearances


Have you heard the name Harnaam Kaur? I hadn’t before today, but as soon as I heard her story I knew I had to share it! Harnaam is a 24yo young woman with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), and like some women with PCOS she has hirsutism, a condition in which women experience male-pattern hair growth on their face, chest, and/or back. Keep reading…

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Making New Friends

Two Male Friends Meeting In Busy Coffee Shop

Maybe you have a new summer job or you’re going to a new school in the fall, but whatever it may be, I want you to know that you’re not alone when it comes to being nervous about making new friends. Here’s some advice I’ve gathered over the years about meeting new people that you might find helpful! Keep reading…

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