Developing Healthy Men and Boys – February 5th & 6th, 2015

Developing-Healthy-Men-and-BoysIf you are a teen above the age of 18, be sure to check out this incredible (and free!) event co-sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Children’s Trust.

“Developing Healthy Men and Boys” is a two-day training for people of all genders about male gender socialization and the strategies and skills to develop compassionate, non-violent and equitable boys and men. This highly participatory training uses personal reflection and small and large group discussions to accomplish the following goals: Keep reading…

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The Perfect Diet

Healthy Food ObsessionChances are that if you’ve ever tried losing weight, you might have thought to yourself ‘which diet should I follow?” A major news outlet, the U.S. News & World Report, ranks the best diets every year in an attempt to help people choose which one to follow. But here’s the thing about a diet: you have to stick with it to find out if it works.  If you get bored by the lack of variety, or confused by what you’re “allowed” to eat, or you become frustrated because you “can’t”  have certain foods, chances are you’ll  ditch it. For these reasons and more, diets often don’t work and many people end up gaining back the weight they lost once they stop dieting. Keep reading…

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Learning to Feel Through Yoga

YogaEntering my senior year of high school, I had the suspicion that my year would be extremely stressful and hectic. Long days full of classes, homework, practice, college applications, and struggling to manage my endometriosis. Naturally, I sought out healthy ways to cope with the stress and physical pain. I decided to try going to evening yoga classes, as I had heard many people rave about the positive effects they felt after practicing this meditative exercise. Keep reading…

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Sexual Assaults on College Campuses: What every student should know

Vandenburg rape trialStress seems to be a normal aspect of college life; students are constantly balancing classes and schoolwork, staying physically healthy, maintaining friendships and relationships, and trying to figure out what the future holds. The last thing we need is one more concern added to this list. However, sexual assaults on college campuses have been in the media at an alarming amount lately. As the former Vanderbilt football players involved in a horrible rape scandal are finally going before a jury, I would like to take a few moments to debrief sexual assault and what college students can draw from this case, without delving into the graphic details.

Keep reading…

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Introducing Tess!

Tess Hi! My name is Tess and I’m thrilled to be interning at the Center for Young Women’s Health this January. I’m currently a freshman at Oberlin College, where I plan to double major in biology and gender studies. I ultimately hope to get my MD and work in adolescent endocrinology. When I’m not busy with classes I enjoy horseback riding, making pottery, and running. Keep reading…

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Endometriosis: How it led to a Happier and Healthier New Me

Endometriosis Ribbon GirlsAt fourteen years old, I was adjusting to high school classes, learning the ropes of my lacrosse team, and starting to figure out who I was. Though I wasn’t particularly unhealthy, my health definitely wasn’t one of my top priorities. I continually told myself “I’ll eat less junk food tomorrow”, “I’ll push myself harder in practice tomorrow”. “Tomorrow” kept getting pushed back further and further. Keep reading…

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Talking To Your Parents

What I Wish My Parents KnewTalking to your parents about relationships can be stressful or even nerve racking. I’ve never been a fan of talking to both of my parents at the same time. With that being said I still believe that talking to your parents is really important because it can let them know if there is anything they should be concerned about. For me it’s hard taking that first step because I’m never sure whether or not they’re going to like my answers to their questions. Personally, when I need advice from my mother or father about relationships, I always make sure to let them know at the very beginning that there is nothing “wrong” and I also approach them with a positive attitude. Keep reading…

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Ringing in the New Year!

new years eveEveryone seems to be swept up in the flurry of the holiday season and sooner than we know it 2015 will be knocking on our door! But, before that happens, we have to give this past year its proper due, right? After all we had Pharrell’s “Happy” competing with the Frozen soundtrack on every radio station. Our own royal wedding between Kim and Kanye. Everyone’s ugly-cry while watching The Fault in Our Stars. The list goes on and on. Regardless of the many memorable moments of 2014 one thing will always happen year after year: the New Year’s Eve celebration! Keep reading…

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5 Easy Tips for the Holiday Traveler with PCOS

PCOS BlogIt’s certainly frustrating to have to deal with delayed flights or traffic over the holidays but eating PCOS friendly meals and snacks can also be challenging. Below are 5 ideas to help you stay on track and balance a PCOS healthy diet with exercise while on the road or in the air.

  1. Consider giving your family a heads up about the PCOS friendly foods that you prefer to eat and/or offer to bring a PCOS- friendly meal, snack or appetizer such as a veggie platter to the holiday event.
  2. Keep reading…

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Spreading Cheer with Alternative Winter Break Options

Grandmother & Teen LaughingThe time is here. The holidays are upon us, and for many of us that means being surrounded by family, friends, happiness, laughter, and a lot of presents. But for many others, that may not be the case. Winter break is just around the corner and for students across the nation, this time is usually spent hanging out with friends, celebrating the holidays and unwinding before the next semester starts after the new year. What if you could do something really great with your time off? What if what you did in those few weeks could change someone’s life forever? Well it’s possible and many students have done just that by participating in alternative winter break options. There are many possibilities and options out there, and for many of us who are used to doing the same thing every winter break, this may be a great opportunity to give back and assist people and  communities in need. Keep reading…

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