Mental Health Awareness Month

mental-health-awarenessIf you happen to come across a green ribbon while on social media, it’s because the month of May is devoted to Mental Health Awareness. The green ribbon is a symbol aimed at decreasing the stigma associated with mental health. Many people are afraid to talk about their thoughts and feelings, particularly when things in life aren’t going so well or feeling so great. It’s hard to feel like what you’re experiencing is normal or common if you don’t hear anyone else share their similar experiences. That is why this month is so important. Keep reading…

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Not All Men Like Sports

paints“Did you catch the game last night?” If you’re a guy that’s a common question with a common answer, however for many young men, sports just aren’t all that they’re hyped up to be. Despite what you might think, not all young men spend hours watching sports highlights or devote their after school hours practicing on a field. Yet, that isn’t what our culture would have us believe. Keep reading…

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Finding Carter

finding carterRecently my older sister recommended that I watch a show called Finding Carter. I have to say that I’ve fallen completely in love with this show. Finding Carter is a TV show that many teenagers can relate to accept for the part when “Carter,” (the main character) finds out she was kidnapped when she was just 3 years old. The show is full of betrayal, lies and family drama. When I watched the first season of the show, my emotions were all over the place. I laughed, cried, I was scared, and confused but most of all I was always on my feet!

Carter is a young teenage girl who is strong and always has a solution for everything. She is also stuck between the person she is and the person people want her to be. Keep reading…

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Eat Your Veggies!


As a dietitian, I am often suggesting to teens that they eat more veggies. Vegetables are packed full of important nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, and they also have fiber, which is helpful for digestive health and to keep us feeling full longer. Feeling full longer can help people who are trying to lose weight.

But sometimes I find that I am working with people who just simply don’t like vegetables. They know that they should eat them, they want to eat them, but they cannot bring themselves to choose a vegetable over something tastier such as a piece of fruit or crackers. Some of my patients will eat vegetables but only if they are covered in cheese. Sound familiar? Keep reading…

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Your Cell Phone Ring Isn’t a Bedtime Lullaby

sleep-with-tabletBuzz! Buzz! Buzz! Is it a text message? A Facebook update? Or maybe a cool Instagram picture?

We’ve all heard it before. Our phone vibrates or rings to let us know that we have a text message, or social media alert. If you’re like a lot of people, your phone is right next to you on your nightstand.

It may surprise you, but keeping the phone in your bedroom Keep reading…

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Getting the Full Story

Minneapolis-rally-to-support-people-of-BaltimoreThe social media and news keep people informed about current events on a day to day basis. If you have been keeping up with the media lately, you have probably heard the name Freddie Gray. Since a lot of people get most of their news from one main source, it might be difficult to get the full story. After watching several news stations cover the story about Freddie Gray, I noticed how big of an impact the media can have on the way an individual may perceive an event. For those of you who have no idea who Freddie Gray is, the story goes as follows: Keep reading…

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Conquering Conflicts

cheerleadersConflict. Nobody likes it. Nobody wants it. Nobody wants to deal with it. But that isn’t going to stop it. It’s a part of life and is always going to be. It often actually proves to be one of the most difficult parts of life, but certainly not impossible.

As I’m sure many of you are aware, it’s easy for conflict to arise within a sports team. When you have many opinions it can be very difficult to compile everyone’s ideas into one. Keep reading…

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My Obsession With H2O

waterMy obsession with water has gotten out of control – but in a good way! I have tons of water bottles in my room, my school locker and even my bag. I get asked so many different times “how come you drink so much water?” I always tell my friends that “water is way healthier then drinking soda, juice or any other drink that has lots of sugar in it.” Drinking water is extremely beneficial. For starters- water keeps your body hydrated. I find that drinking water also keeps me energized and awake during the day, and it even improves my mood! In fact, everyone should aim to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. Keep reading…

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What is racism?

blacklivesmatterOur country has made some strides toward equality for all people in the past 100 years. However, a recent video of fraternity brothers singing a racist song went viral and showed that we still have a way to go before racism is a thing of the past. Situations like these can be very hurtful to observe but also painful to deal with, even if you don’t observe the behavior and just hear about it afterwards. In order to succeed at your school, your job, and in your neighborhood, it’s helpful to think about what racism is and how to know if this is something you might be dealing with in your environment. Keep reading…

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How to Deal with Senioritis

High School GraduateAre you a freshman dreading the next four years of high school? Or are you a sophomore taking practice SATs in order to prepare yourself for next year? Maybe you’re a junior who has started going on several college tours in preparation for your final year? Or perhaps you’re a rising senior who is most likely in the midst of applying to colleges with an imaginary countdown inside of your mind leading to graduation.

Even though I had minor symptoms throughout my junior year, the widely spread phenomenon of “senioritis” hit me with full force once I entered my last year of high school. Keep reading…

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