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Have You Seen Molly?

What do the House of Blues, the NYC Electronic Zoo Music Festival, distortions of sensory and time perception, “E”, and long-lasting confusion have in common? In one way or another, they’re all are connected with “Molly” (short for “molecule”), a slang term for MDMA –…

Smoking Alcohol

Smoking Alcohol… Seriously?

There seems to a new trend happening on college campuses that teens are also experimenting with. It’s called “Smoking Alcohol”. When I first heard about this I was so confused; how can you smoke alcohol? I read more about it, and supposedly the way you…

Cory Monteith

Celebrities and Addictions: Cory Monteith

Whether you were a fan of his character on “Glee” or not, the passing of Cory Monteith this past Saturday is heartbreaking. One of the stars of Fox’s long-running musical comedy, Monteith was beloved by fans, or “Gleeks”, as they called themselves, and it’s easy…



On July 17, 2012 the Federal Drug Administration (or FDA) approved a new weight loss pill. You may have already seen ads for it, but I’d like to take a moment to give you the facts. The pill is called Qsymia; your guess is as…

Last Call App

“Last Call”

Do you know about the iPhone app “Last Call”? It’s meant to warn people when they should stop drinking if they’re planning on driving. The way it works is as follows: you’re supposed to track your drinks on the app, and as you add the drinks, the…

Alcohol and Brain

Alcohol On the Brain

To be completely honest, when I was younger I never understood why the legal drinking age in the US is 21. I always thought of age as a random line in the sand, and that it really didn’t mean much. No one ever “suddenly” feels mature…

Aerosol Can


I’m sure that most of you are tired of hearing that drinking and driving is bad, but how often do you hear that driving under the influence of other substances is bad too? Unfortunately, I know a lot of people that think it’s okay.


Preventing Destructive Decisions: Contract for Life

Are you familiar with the Contract for Life? Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) designed a contract that facilitates communication between young people and their parents about potentially destructive decisions related to alcohol, drugs, peer pressure, and behavior. In this contract, a teen acknowledges the many…

Whisky In a Can

Whisky In a Can

On the heels of the complete marketing fiasco known as Four Loko, Panama-based company “Scottish Spirits” is apparently looking to one-up the morally reprehensible product. For the first time ever, a company is promoting a 12 ounce can of whiskey. Yes, 12 ounces of straight…


Synthetic Pot

There has been a lot of concern recently about a combination of herbs laced with synthetic marijuana being sold online and even in neighborhood corner stores. You may have heard the substance being called K2 or Spice. It has received a lot of attention lately because…