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Confused Sexual Identity

Sexual Orientation – It’s Complicated

Have you ever thought about how complicated sexual orientation is? Sexual orientation usually means romantic or sexual interest toward girls, guys, or both – but it’s much more complex than that! Sexual orientation can include romantic and sexual attraction, what a person calls themselves (for example, straight…

Teen and Birth Control Pills


The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology recently released a committee opinion regarding over-the-counter access (meaning you don’t need a prescription) to oral contraceptives. When I first read this I thought about how beneficial this would be for teens who might be worried if their…

Holding Hands - Gay Pride

So Gay? No Way!

I heard it again last weekend on the street while I was enjoying the unseasonable sunshine: one teenager said to another “that’s so gay!” I thought people were moving beyond this! We have made a lot of progress in the past few years, and most…

New Girl on Fox

Gumbo Pot, Bing Bong, and Chickadees

Does anyone out there watch “New Girl” on Fox? Last weeks episode “Naked” had the characters spouting some of the funniest euphemisms for male and female genitalia I’ve ever heard. (If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly suggest watching.) Aside from the fact that…

Maria Talks

Maria Talks and We Like It!

Recently I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about the website mariatalks. It’s a website for teens that discusses sex, birth control, and other related topics. Some people have said that the language used on the site isn’t exactly teen-friendly, and some of the content (such as talk about…

Texting & Dating

Texting & Dating

So many things in our world are changing due to technological advancements. Paper mail has now become a novelty – a hobby for some. Even books are digital now! As far as advancements that have changed the way people communicate, cell phones certainly stand out….


Condoms In School

So as I was walking to the train on my way to school one morning, I grabbed a Metro Daily Newspaper. As I was reading, I came across an article about the debate regarding whether or not condoms should be given out at local public…