Hard Facts About Penis Size

Big PenisIs my penis a normal size? Too big? Too small?

If you’re a guy, you might be anxious about your penis being the “right” size or shape, and whether sexual partners will be satisfied. Many things lead to these fears. For example, large penises are prominently featured in pornography as well as advertisements for drug or surgical penis enhancements. When you talk to your friends, they may exaggerate their own penis size. To top it off, your penis looks smallest from above as compared to how your partner will likely see it from straight on or from the side.

The results are now in from the most comprehensive research study which included 15,000 men who underwent penis size measurements. The average size of a flaccid, or soft, penis is about 3.5 inches, while the average erect, or hard, penis is just over 5 inches. The study not only looked at length but also circumference (distance around the penis). They found that the average penis circumference was about 3.5 inches flaccid and 5 inches erect.

Flaccid penis lengths can differ in size more than erect penis lengths. Therefore, a group of your friends may have a range of different sized penises when you’re all flaccid but when you all become erect, your penises are nearly all the same size. Plus, there’s no link between penis size and fertility so no need to worry about that.

If you’re still concerned, you may want to explore the source of your feelings. Talking to your health care provider is often very helpful and a good place to start. Finally, don’t be fooled by advertisements that claim their product can enlarge your penis. These are NOT effective and can even cause you harm.

Despite what some of your friends may say, what matters to sexual partners is how you use your penis along with the rest of your body (including your mind!). Therefore, don’t worry if you’re penis is above, below, or exactly average in size. Sexual pleasure is about many things including trust and good communication.

– Brittany