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Cyber Bullying & Form Spring

Cyber bullying has received a lot of media attention lately. In fact, some girls have become so distraught over online taunting and teasing that they’ve committed suicide. In most of these cases the girls didn’t provoke the bullying. They were bullied by others who knew…

Car Safety

Passenger Responsibility

While waiting for my car to be fixed the other day, I picked up a travel magazine and read an article about passenger responsibility. It struck me that the only public campaigns to reduce car accidents that I was aware of have been focused on…


OMG: Txtin’ & drivin’ i$n’t so gr8

Everyone loves having a license and the freedom that goes with it, but driving comes with a lot of responsibility. Caring for your safety and the safety of others is extremely important when you are driving a car. Even if you are feeling confident with…


Prom Safety

Hey guys, Prom is approaching really soon for a lot of us! We all want to have a good time, and we have to make sure we party like rock stars… in a safe way. People often get caught up in the whole “prom” attitude, and forget safety basics….