Back to School Advice

As we all know, summer is beginning to come to a close and the 2009-2010 school year is approaching. My senior year is coming up this fall, and I definitely want to make it the best year yet. However, regardless of whether its your freshman,…


Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

On Saturday, I travelled from Boston to Virginia by car for a family vacation. Some of the things that made the nine hour drive better were the air conditioner and lots and lots of water. At one point while stuck in traffic in Maryland, I started to…


OMG: Txtin’ & drivin’ i$n’t so gr8

Everyone loves having a license and the freedom that goes with it, but driving comes with a lot of responsibility. Caring for your safety and the safety of others is extremely important when you are driving a car. Even if you are feeling confident with…


Up, Up, & Away!

I love traveling because I think it’s so much fun. You always see new things, meet new people, and experience things. My parents are Dominican, so I visit the Dominican Republic about once a year, and at least every two years. Even though I have…

Navel Piercing


I just got my navel pierced! It’s one those painful but cute things that some girls (and  boys) do, especially during the summer. The actual piercing didn’t hurt at all, but I must admit that I was terrified. I went to the salon with a couple…


Summertime ’09!

Summer is here! Well, summer is supposed to be here but it just doesn’t want to stop raining in Boston. Aside from that, summer is considered the “fun” season; time for you to hang out with friends, go to the mall, go on vacation, etc….