Prom Safety

Hey guys, Prom is approaching really soon for a lot of us! We all want to have a good time, and we have to make sure we party like rock stars… in a safe way. People often get caught up in the whole “prom” attitude, and forget safety basics….

Washing Hands

Swine Flu Info

By now you’ve probably been hearing a ton about swine flu in the media. It’s a lot of information to wade through. Here are some useful tips based on a Public Health Fact Sheet issued by the Massachusetts Dept of Public Health about swine flu….

Pocket Money

Spring & Summer Opportunities – Boston

The recession has slowly started to affect us all, even teens. Many people have been laid off, which means that they may need to cut back on some of their expenses. As a teen, you may not feel the effects of the recession as much…


Resident Interviews

So as a youth advisor here at Children’s Hospital Boston, one of my responsibilities is to participate in resident training. Basically, the interns and medical students that are working here are invited to have mock appointments with us, (the youth advisors) and we play the roles of the…

Alcohol Possession Prohibited

Blame It On Yourself…

Recently there have been a couple of songs put out by popular artists about alcohol. “Blame it” by Jamie Foxx and T-Pain and” One more drink” by Ludacris and TPain glorify drinking and avoiding responsibility for your own action while under the influence of alcohol. It’s important for teens to remember…

Health Fair

Our First Presentation & Health Fair

This was a very busy week for us because we had both a presentation and a health fair to prepare for. Our first presentation was on February 18th, and it was nothing like what I had imagined. I am not a shy person but the…

Youth Advisors 2009

Ready, Set, GO!

Our two new youth advisors Erica and Tynaya have been preparing these last couple of weeks for their first presentation. On Wednesday they are giving their first presentation on Safety on the Internet. To get the girls prepared for the presentation we did trainings on…

Worried Teen

Teens In a Recession

OK, so you’ve been hearing about the economy non-stop lately. You’ve probably heard your parents talking about it, maybe your teachers too. Some of it may sound unrelated to you, like banks closing, or the car industry having problems.  But some of it might hit…