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Frustrated Girl

To Forgive and Forget

I’m sure that most of you agree that if you love someone, you won’t hurt them… but for some reason, we tend to hurt the ones we love. Most of the time it’s unintentional, but that doesn’t take away from the damage. Perhaps sometimes we…

Stubborn Girl


I’ve always heard that people don’t like change, and I think that there’s some truth to that. Once you have a routine it’s hard to start doing things differently. The other day I was reading an article for class and I read that people don’t…


Face Your Fears

I admit: I have HUGE stage fright. Even the thought of doing anything in front of an audience (whether in front of hundreds or less than ten) makes me tremble. So I guess you could say I placed myself in the wrong situation when I…


Patience vs. Self-Control

Patience is a virtue! Unfortunately, some people lack that virtue. Personally, I have a limited amount of patience. Like most people, I don’t like to be judged unfairly and I hate it when people depend on me to do things that they can do themselves,…


Battling Boredom

Are you bored? Tired of doing the same old thing? February can sometimes be a gloomy month. The weather isn’t always the best and Valentine’s Day makes a lot of people cringe, so could it hurt if you tried to spice up your routine? I…

Angry woman on phone

Man of The House?!

Today I received a phone call from one of those annoying telemarketers. When I said hello, the first thing the man on the other end asked me was… “Can I speak to the man of the house?” I think this one of the worst things someone can…


Whether we like it or not, people will have expectations of us for our entire lives. As children we don’t pay attention to these expectations, and for the most part we don’t care if we meet any of them or not. As a teen or…

Credit Card Debt

Credit Cards & Personal Debt

I remember how excited I was when I turned 18 and got offered my first credit card. My family always told me to not get one because they thought I was too young to have debt. I didn’t listen. I ignored their advice because I…

What I Wish My Parents Knew

What Do You Wish Your Parents Knew?

There are a lot of topics I feel uncomfortable talking to my parents about. Whether it’s about drinking, doing drugs, going through puberty, peer pressure, sexual orientation, sexual activity, or just normal teenage issues in general, it can be very awkward to talk to your parents….